A Shout Out for TC!


Some people might not know, but at Senior Blades we have an honorary President, who is non other than our own Tony Currie. We felt it was time we thanked him publicly for the work he does for Senior Blades by being the ‘host’ at our monthly meetings. His humour and quips make it a very enjoyable afternoon that our members love.

Also, whilst we are here, we would like to give him our huge congratulations on the success he is having with his ‘Memory Lane’ club that he started back in January 2023, after he visited a similar function at Rotherham United. This Club has grown beyond all expectations and at the November meeting there were over 90 people in attendance. Well Done Tony, a wonderful success on the pitch and fast becoming the same off the pitch!

On behalf of our Honorary President, Chairman and all our Committee
we would like to wish all members and supporters a very happy Christmas and a happy and successful New Year