Basham Arriving!

When Sheffield United were asking fans for their votes for Player of the Year, Senior Blades thought it would be a nice idea if we also had a vote amongst our members, alongside the Club’s vote.  Like the majority of Blades fans, our members voted overwhelmingly for Chris Basham.  We notified Chris of our vote, through Karen Armstrong, the new Player Liaison Officer and received a very nice message back from Chris below:

Just want to say thank you very much for this award, always means a lot to be recognised by the Senior Blades.  Can’t wait to have you all back in the stadium soon. Regards, Bash

Thanks Chris, and well deserved, a fantastic choice by the supporters.

As the Covid situation does not seem to be easing a great deal at the moment, the Senior Blades Committee have taken a decision not to have lunch meetings until 2021. This decision has been made, taking into account the Government guidelines and also giving due consideration to the welfare of our members.  We will notify members of what arrangements will be made when this becomes safe for everyone.