Contender for the Title?

When all Blades fans sing ‘He’s one of our own’ we all know they are singing the song for our Manager, Chris Wilder. But is there another contender looking to share this title? At our Senior Blades lunch on 12 March, we had as our guest the person who this could be. We happily welcomed Tony Foulds, who most Sheffield people will be aware of, and who recently came to prominence nationally and world wide for his selfless tending of the Mi Amigo memorial in Endcliffe Park since it was erected in 1969.

By coincidence, we also had with us Danny Hall, ‘The Star’ sports journalist and author of the story of Chris Wilder’s Blades revolution, the title of the book being ‘He’s One of Our Own’. Danny was thrilled to meet Tony, as he had followed the story which was brought to our attention through a chance meeting with TV presenter Dan Walker.

We took the photo of Tony with Danny and the book, and we are pretty certain that Chris will be happy to share this chant with Tony.