Hi to all SENIOR BLADES June 2020

The Chairman and Committee hope you are all keeping well. Maybe now there is a little more light at the end of the tunnel. The Premier League looks set to resume in June although we won’t be there to cheer on Chris, Alan and the team. I’m sure we will all be there in spirit.      Once again we have a couple of quizzes to keep you busy for the next few weeks. We will all be quiz mastersat the end of these unusual circumstances.


  1.      Alf Ramsey’s period as England Manager ended.                                    1974
  2.      Spain won the World Cup for the first time.                                             2010
  3.      Trevor Francis signed for a reported  1 Million Pounds.                        1979
  4.      Hungary famously beat England  6 – 3 at Wembley.                               1953
  5.      Wigan Athletic won the F A  Cup.                                                                2013
  6.      The F A  launch the  Premier League.                                                         1992
  7.      Manchester United’s tragedy at Munich Airport.                                     1958
  8.      Everton beat Wednesday  3 — 2 at Wembley.                                            1966
  9.      Manchester United win the Treble.                                                              1999
  10.      Three points for a winintroduce by the Football League.                        1981


  1.      Timber dwelling                                 Woodhouse
  2.      Midpoint                                              Halfway
  3.      Factory Cottages                                 Millhouses
  4.      Angry Pond                                          Crosspool
  5.      Block the Orifice                                Dore
  6.      Maximum Timber                              Fulwood
  7.      Phallic Sound                                      Penistone
  8.      Poachers Tavern                                 Hunters Bar
  9.      Verdant Mound                                   Greenhill
  10.      Burnt Rap                                             Charnock
  11.      Shiny Bit                                               Brightside
  12.      Pedestrian   (ish)                                 Walkley
  13.      Central Wish Rocks                            Midhopestones
  14.      Clever Copse                                        Wisewood
  15.      Collect Within                                      Intake
  16.      Beachy Enttrance                                Sandygate
  17.      Cowpat Value                                       Dungworth
  18.      Brush Knoll                                          Broomhill
  19.      Recreation Cranium                           Parkhead
  20.      In between Timber                              Middlewood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THE ANAGRAM FOOTBALL QUIZ

Each anangram contains one Englis and one Scottish club

  1.                                Tory Tycoons Numbered
  2.                                Argentina Grills Harm
  3.                                Allow Clumsy Nostril
  4.                                Replay Armstrong Hugely
  5.                                Do Watch Aberdeen Loch
  6.                                Anglo Coventry Orienteers
  7.                                Inventors Relive Armstrong
  8.                                Bartholomew Poll Clerk
  9.                               Anne Marie Shouts Rules
  10.                               Christened Alligators
  11.                               African Storytelling Knack
  12.                               Swiftly Attending Coal Mine

Quiz supplied by    Terry Eggington


  1.                              Annoyed Vicar
  2.                              Shiny Team
  3.                              Hard Chairs
  4.                              Tall Shops
  5.                              Westminster Valley
  6.                              Nude
  7.                              Criminals
  8.                              Not Put Out
  9.                              Timber Abode
  10.                              Elevated Pastures
  11.                              Opening
  12.                              Wealthy Scot  D
  13.                              Dandy Top Man
  14.                              Copper Rock
  15.                              Mines A Lot
  16.                              Verdant Tor
  17.                              Brush Slope
  18.                              Motor Stream
  19.                              Lancashire Cake For All
  20.                              Crowded Grove

                        U T B                STAY    SAFE   EVERY ONE                U T B