Hi to all Senior Blades November2020


Hi to all  Senior Blades                                                                                        November  2020


The new young recruits that Chris brought in at the start of the season seem to be settling in well and are starting to gel with the squad. All we need now is a bit of luck and the ‘ rub of the green ‘  and I’m sure the BLADES will start finding the back of the net.      COYRAWW

                                                     SENIOR BLADES   ZOOM

Senior Blades are canvassing members to ask if anyone would be interested in having a ZOOM meeting, for an informal chat, to see how everyone is doing and during this current lockdown, would be another source of contact.

One of our committee members recently was guest speaker on a Zoom meeting of Sporting Memories Sheffield. This group is co-ordinated by one of our members Keith Firminger, ‘meet’ on Zoom every Tuesday between 10.00am and 12.00 noon. They are a  varied group, not just Senior Blades, and our Committee member found it to be a very interesting experience. Sporting Memories also have a website,    www.smsheffield.co.uk    which has a great deal of information, and you can also catch up on previous ‘ZOOMS’ other guest speakers have included Tony Currie, Glyn Hodges, Nicola Minichielo.                                                                                                                                                                                   If you are interested in joining their weekly group, please email us with your name and email address and we will forward these to Keith, who will put you on his e.mail list and send out a weekly invite. Send your details to                          info@seniorblades.com

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about Senior Blades having their own ZOOM meeting for members too.

                                                SENIOR BLADES SUPER SIX TOP 6

After round 10 of the SUPER 6 things are really  ‘ hotting ‘ up in the Senior Blades league. Sheila Herring is our top predictor and leads the table by  12   points. .Just a few points seperate the chasing pack who are 12 points behind Sheila. Still a long way to go , and i’m sure a lot of ups and downs will take place in the next few rounds.

League  Top  6                                                        Round  10

P          Pts.                                                                 P         Pts.

  1.         Shiela Herring           10           94                              Diane Smith             1           11
  2.         Mick Davis                 10           82                              Andrew Daykin        1            9
  3.         Jack Bows                  10           81                               Mick Davis                1            9
  4.         Martin Smith             10           70                              Elaine Hooper           1            9
  5.         Kathryn Woodward  10           69                              Andy Harper             1            9
  6.         Arthur Mason            10           67                              Sheila Herring           1            7

Members can still join and take part in the weekly and monthly leagues, go to SUPER6/HOME Register and enter the S B league pin number    S8LK73

                                                         YOUR NEWSLETTER

If any member would like to contribute to the Newsletter send your inclusion to     info@seniorblades.com  and we will try to include your comments in future editions.

                                     FOOTBALL QUIZ ANSWERS  (PART TWO)

11     David Brookes       Aaron Ramsdale       Simon Francis                                                                   12      Paul Cook   Portsmouth  2017,     Wigan Athletic  2018                                                                 13      Simon Stainrod                                                                                                                                          14      Gary Naysmith                                                                                                                                       15      Scunthorpe United  and  Doncaster Rovers                                                                                     16      Sevilla      Chelsea      Athletico Madrid                                                                                              17      Benfica   and  Barnsley                                                                                                                           18      a)   Sunderland  04/05 –  06/07     Newcastle   09/10 – 16/17                                                                       Wolves    08/09 – 17/18     Reading   05/06 – 11/12                                                                               b)   Luton   04/05 – 18/19    Wigan   15/16 – 17/18                                                                                     c)   Chesterfield    10/11 – 13/14   Swindon   11/12 – 19/20                                                                     19      Gillingham  and  Wrexham                                                                                                                 20      John Barnes…..Watford  84     Liverpool  88,89,96     Newcastle  98                                                         Dennis Wise…..Wimbledon  88    Chelsea  94,97,2000   Millwall   2004                                                   David James…..Liverpool  96    Aston Villa   2000    Portsmouth   08,10

                                                         STAY SAFE EVERYONE