Hi to all SENIOR BLADES October 2021


Hi to all SENIOR BLADES                                                 October 2021


At our October lunch, you will be able to purchase Christmas Dinner tickets which will be held on Wednesday 15th December 2021.Price of tickets to members £18.00.


The new system of booking and paying for meals is going well after the few problems  we experienced  at the August lunch.  We would like to thank members for their help with the changes.   Our next lunch is the 12th October 2021,  you can book now and up to the 5th October 2021. Joseph O’Brien is our entertainer for the day,  Joseph is a dynamic vocalist who always leaves his audience satisfied.


Our trip to Skegness went ahead on the 16th September 2021, having been cancelled several times due to covid.  It was a lovely sunny day and enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to Sue Foster who worked hard to get the trip on, but unfortunately she was unable to join us on the day.


Members can now renew 2021 membership. The cost remains the same at £5.00 and can be renewed at our monthly lunches or by post to The Membership Secretary   13 Wollaton Avenue  Sheffield S17 4AQ.


This year the Manor Operatic Society are performing  SNOW WHITE presented live from the Sheffield City Hall between 27th December 2021 and the 9th January 2022.   You book online at www.ticketsource.co.uk/manor-operatic-society  or call  07533 021 407.



We had an excellent day’s weather on 21st September for our competition, the bowling wasn’t bad either.  With fewer entries than past tournaments we had to change the format  in order to save the event. Members had to qualify for the knock  out events via a series of  ‘ round robins ‘ . This also enabled players to play more than one game.         The main Tournament was won by…

                                 TERRY EGGINTON      who beat       KEN GRAY

And the runners –up tournament

                                 DON JOHNSON     who beat     JEAN COLEMAN

Don and Jean are  SENIOR SENIOR BLADES both having celebrated their 90th birthdays in the last few weeks. Well done to both of you.


We are going to draw the Charity Raffle after our October lunch.  This year we are donating to the  “ BEARS of SHEFFIELD “  campaign which is the Sheffield Children’s Hospital  charity.  Several prizes to be won including the players kits of DEAN HENDERSON and OLLIE NORWOOD  which were the Senior Blades sponsored  Players of the last two seasons.


Any members who are in other Super Six leagues can join the Senior Blades Super Six  by clicking on ENTER OR JOIN and entering the pin number   R6QHHC   you also bring your current  score from your other leagues.

Here are the Super 6 league tables after Round 11

            ROUND  11                                      SEPTEMBER                               SENIOR BLADES TOP SIX

1=     Elaine Hooper            14            1     Lesley Machin              61            1           Kathryn Woodward               99

1=     Jack Bows                    14           2     Kathryn Woodward    59            2           Jack Bows                                98

3=    Martin Smith               12           3     Jack Bows                     58            3           Lesley Machin                         92

3=    Lesley Machin             12           4     Raymond Brothwell    51            4          Elaine Hooper                         91

5      Kathryn Woodward    11            5=  Elaine Hooper             50            5          Martin Smith                           89

6=    Alan Hooper                 9            5=  Jeff Stelling                  50            6          Raymond Brothwell               87

6=    Raymond Brothwell   9

Well done to all the League leaders this month, one or to names seem to be dominating things at the moment. Even Jeff Stelling has made it on to the leader boards this month. Lets see what the chasing packs can do in November, remember it’s   ‘  a marathon not a sprint ‘ good luck to all.