Hi to all SENIOR BLADES September 2020


                                                               THE BLADES

With the new season just a few days away, the Senior Blades would like to wish Chris, Alan and the team all the best for the new season. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can join them inside Bramall Lane and give them our total support.      COYRAWW

                                                   PLAYER OF THE SEASON

Many members voted in our first Player of the Season award. The winner was no surprise, it went to Chris Basham with a landslide victory, Chris also won other awards for his contribution to the Blades success back in the Premier League.

We also received the following message (with thanks to Karen Armstrong the new Player Liaison Officer at Sheffield United).Who assisted us in gettting this reply from Chris

Just want to say thank you very much for this award, always means a lot to be recognised by the Senior Blades. Can’t wait to have you all back in the stadium soon.  Regards   Bash.


The day trip to Skegness has been rearranged for Thursday 20th May 2021.Should anyone require a refund please get in touch with Sue Foster and it will be processed, Tel. 0114 255 0053.


During the current Covid situation, we have been notified of four bereavements within our Senior Blades family. We wish to extend our sincere sympathy and thoughts to the loved ones, family and friends of David Herring and Peter Whitney, who passed away in late June and early August respectively. Also in the last two weeks we have been informed of the passing of Sylvia Dooley and Keith Hobson. Our sincere sympathy and thoughts go to the Dooley and Hobson families.

                                        FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION

Having received a Certificate of Membership from the F S A the Senior Blades are now an affiliate member of F S A . The Senior Blades are growing and getting better all the time.


                                        Quiz supplied by    DAVE BURKINSHAW

1      The 1986/87 season saw the introduction of automatic promotion/relegation  between the     Football League and the Conference ( National League )                                                                                    A..Who were the first club relegated ?                                                                                           B..Who were the first team promoted from the conference ?                                              C..Which team was promoted three times as Champions of the Conference  (National League ) ?

 2     For which clubs did the following members of SUFC’s League One title winning team (2016/17)                 play in the 2019/20 season :                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A..Paul Coutts                    B..James Hanson                    C..Mark Duffy

3     In England’s World Cup Finals squad of 2018 who was :                                                                                             A..The oldest player ?                               B..The youngest player ?

4     When United won the Fourth Division in 1981/82  4  players reached double figures in goals scored in league games.  Who were they ?

5    Who scored the quickest goal in Premier League history ?

6    Which three players did Dave Bassett sign for United from Sutton United ?

7    Which league club plays at the Wham Stadium on Livingstone Road ?

8    Which club did Billy Sharp play for on loan which is no longer a member of the Football League

9    United have won the F.A. Cup four times. Name the 4 teams they have beaten in the final ?

10   Which player holds the record for the most consecutive Premier League appearances (310 between 2004 and 2012 ) ?


Score 1 point for each answer         23 Points in total


1       PIRATES           Bristol Rovers                          2     MILLERS       Rotherham United                      3       MAGPIES         Newcastle                                 4     POSH              Peterborough                              5       BLUEBIRDS     Cardiff City                              6     QUAKERS     Darlington                                     7       RED DEVILS    Manchester United                8     DONS             Wimbledon                                   9       PILGRIMS        Plymouth Argyle                   10    TOFFEES     Everton                                       11     EAGLES             Crystal Palace                        12    POMPEY       Portsmouth                               13     CANARIES        Norwich City                         14     BLADES      SHEFFIELD UNITED                   15     POTTERS          Stoke City                               16      CELTS         Celtic                                          17     SEAGULLS        Brighton                                 18      CITIZENS   Manchester City                        19     TERRIERS        Huddersfield                         20      OWLS            Sheffield Wednesday