Hi to all SENIOR BLADES November 2021

Hi to all  SENIOR BLADES                                                  November 2021    CHRISTMAS DINNER TICKETS ALERT Please note that Christmas Dinner tickets for members and guests will only be on sale until Tuesday [ … ]


On Tuesday 12 October, Senior Blades finally had the opportunity to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.  This should have been held in August but due to the pandemic and associated restrictions [ … ]

Hi to all SENIOR BLADES October 2021

  Hi to all SENIOR BLADES                                                 October 2021 CHRISTMAS LUNCH At our October lunch, you will be able to purchase Christmas Dinner tickets which will be held on [ … ]

We’re Back!

Tuesday 17th August 2021 was a big day for Senior Blades, that was the day we finally got back into the Platinum Suite and were able to resume our monthly [ … ]

Hi to all Senior Blades August 2021

Hi to all    Senior Blades                                                              August 2021 LUNCH BOOKINGS Members are reminded that if you require a lunch at our monthly meetings then you need to make a booking at [ … ]

Hi to all Senior Blades June 2021

    Hi to all  SENIOR BLADES                   June  2021 MEMBERSHIP The details regarding membership renewals and new members will be made available when we have confirmation of our return to [ … ]

Goodbye Premier League

  This is it everyone, our last game in the Premier League, for a little time only, we hope. It has been a very different season from whatever we could [ … ]