Senior Blades Christmas Lunch (It was not a party!)



Late afternoon on Friday 10th  December 2021, our plans for the Senior Blades Christmas lunch were thrown into doubt. Following the Government’s announcement regarding proof of vaccination would be required for indoor gatherings, we had a predicament. Some of our ‘elderly’ members do not have smart phones and the timescale was very short if members phoned for a paper copy. We were also informed that the cards which were given by the vaccination centres would not be accepted as proof for entry.
Our only option for this event to go ahead was to sacrifice the dance floor and ensure that members, once seated, remained at their tables, if they left the table they had to wear their masks.

After much deliberation by Committee members, it was agreed to go ahead without the dance floor. Disappointingly, again due to Covid restrictions, our guests from Sheffield United Football Club were unable to join us, we fully understand why this had to happen and hope this helps to keep Covid away from our Club and the fixtures can continue.

Wednesday 15th December 2021 our Christmas lunch took place and we would like to congratulate our 234 members attending for keeping to the requirements.

Everyone enjoyed a lovely lunch, the musical entertainment, Jon Alex with Chris Firminger, was excellent. Jon and Chris had performed for us at our last Christmas lunch in December 2019 and they were a very popular choice to return this year.

The Chairman and Committee wish everyone a very happy New Year in 2022 and hope we can keep healthy throughout the coming year.