SENIOR  BLADES  CHRISTMAS  QUIZ

                                                                         SUPPLIED  by  DAVE BURKINSHAW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Christmas Number One Singles

1      Which group had four number one Christmas Singles in the 1960’s in (1963,1964, 1965 and 1967) ?

2  Name one of this group’s songs that became the Christmas Number One in the 1960s.

3    Harry Belafonte in 1957 and Boney M in 1978 both had Christmas Number One singles with their own version of the same song ? What was the song ?

4    Robbie Williams and which female film star had a Christmas number one in 2001 with the old Frank and Nancy Sinatra song “Somethin ’Stupid” ?

5    Which comedian had a Christmas number one in 1971 with a song about the Fastest Milkman in the West and for an extra point what was the name of that milkman ?

                                              Christmas Carols /Christmas Songs

6     Focussing on the well-known song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”:                                                          i)    From which European country is the song thought to have originated ?                                             ii)    For one point each which Gifts were given on days 6 and 12 ?

7      Which very famous Christmas song about travelling in snowy weather was allegedly composed in a tavern in Massachusetts USA by James Pierpoint in 1850 ?

8      Which famous carol was composed in German in 1818 by Franz Gruber in Oberdorf  bei Salzburg Austria ? It was translated into English in 1859 and was allegedly sung by both English and German troops at Christmas time during World War One.

                                                           Christmas Traditions

9      Which very essential Christmas  decoration was first introduced into England from Germany   by Queen Charlotte (wife of George III ) and then more successfully by Prince Albert  (Queen Victoria’s husband) in first half of nineteenth century ?

10     Which plant which was originally a native plant from Mexico and now very popular at Christmas time is meant to symbolise  the Star of Bethlehem ?

11     Which very popular commercial Christmas greeting item was first produced by Henry Cole in London in 1843 ?

12     Which essential round shaped Christmas food item was once oblong shaped to represent the manger and had a figure of the christ child on top ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        13    Which very famous Christmas story was first published in 1843 and was illustrated by John Leech ?

14    Which popular film usually shown at Christmas Time stars James Stewart as George Bailey who needs to be rescued by his guardian angel ?

15     James Bond films have often been a usual feature of the Christmas television schedules . Which of these films was the first to star Roger Moore as Bond ?

                                                   Sheffield United at Christmas   

16     United’s last played a league fixture on Christmas Day back in the 1958/59 season against opponents who are currently in League Two . Who were these opponents ?

17      Prior to this season which clubs have been the Blades ’Lane opponents on the last three Boxing Days ?(one point for each opponent).

18    Which Blades goal scoring legend of the 1950s/60s made his debut for the club on Boxing Day 1957 at home to Blackburn Rovers?

19    Which Blades legendary forward ,was sent off in the Blades 4-1 win at Notts.County on Boxing Day 1988 ?

                                                                  Local History

20    Beauchief Abbey was dedicated to two saints . One was St Mary and the other a murdered Archbishop of Canterbury who was subsequently canonized (made a saint) by the Catholic Church . What was the name of this Archbishop ?

21    Which clock maker from Handsworth and inventor of a new steel making process has a city centre pub named after him ?

22    Which important railway related structure was built in Sheffield in1848 to extend rail links between Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire and is still a key city landmark today ?

23    Which famous Sheffield related meal time accompaniment was first manufactured at 35 Broad Lane in the late nineteenth century ?

24    Which housing estate (or development) built between 1957 and 1961 was given Grade 2 listed building status in 1998 ?

25    Where in Sheffield can Robert the Bear be found ?