Surprise Visit

On the Monday following the Reading game, Senior Blades Chairman, Brian Walton followed his usual post match Monday routine of visiting Weston Park Hospital to distribute programmes from the Saturday match. On this day, however, he took three other Senior Blades with him, namely Tony Currie and his wife, Elizabeth, along with Kathryn Woodward, Senior Blades Deputy Chair and Publicity Officer. Together they visited the waiting areas giving out the programmes to people who were interested. It was no surprise that Tony proved to be a very popular visitor, with visitors and staff all wanting selfies and autographs and also to share with him their stories of seeing him play and other great Blades memories. One family that Tony spent some time with were George Allen and his wife Pat (who confessed to being an Owls supporter) along with their daughter Christine.

George was hoping to attend the Rotherham game so we send him our best wishes and hope he enjoys the match.